Digital Forensic Compass

About Us

How long do you spend searching for which forensic tool supports your phone ?

We created the Digital Forensic Compass as it would sometimes take an hour to go through all the tools and options to find a solution for a phone.

Then the next request would come in and it would start all over again.

Sound Familiar? There had to be an easier way.

How about a central location to search for the phone to see what tools support it ?

The Digital Forensic Compass is that service that can save you hours each day checking to see if you can process the device!

The Digital Forensic Compass was created to save us time and frustration. Now you can answer the question while still on the phone!

We are processing jobs each week and know that sometimes the hardest part is to know what tool to use!

Can we get past the pincode on an ZTE Blade 3 Pro ??"

Can we do a physical download of a Samsung 9100 ??"

Is the Zopo C2 supported by ANY tools ??"

If these are some of the questions you get asked each day or you get calls from the field asking if they should bring the device in, don't wait, look it up on the Digital Forensic Compass. We can help you!

Register now for a free trial to see how much time you save!

We curently support:

Cellebite Physical and Logical



Octopus Box

Advanced Turbo Flasher Nitro


Magnet Axiom



Coming Soon:

AccessData MPE+